A Bull in a China Shop
"A Bull in a China Shop" describes someone as being very clumsy or careless in a way that causes damage. This phrase is often used in context where the situation requires delicate or careful control.

The origin of the phrase "a bull in a china shop" is unknown, but it has been around since the early 1800's. The great thing about this phrase is that it is so highly visual - imagining a bull rampaging through a china shop is such a clear image and may well be why there are related expressions in a number of other languages, although interestingly enough, the related expressions all reference an elephant rather than a bull.

The TV show, Mythbusters, did a segment on whether bulls in china shops are truly clumsy. Watch it here.

Use Example - I don't like going antique shopping with Fred, he's like a bull in a china shop.

   Concept Tags : Carelessness   Clumsiness   Animal