The Sky's the Limit
The saying "the sky's the limit" means that there is no apparent limit for a person or a situation and that anything is possible.

The origin of this phrase has several possibilities. There is a belief that this phrase first originated in Miguel de Cervante's classic book, Don Quixote, published in 1615. The problem with this theory is that this book was written in Spanish and while later translations, loosely made, do use the phrase, it does not appear to be contained in the original text.

It is certainly tempting to believe that the invention of the airplane and subsequent flights were the origin of this phrase. However, Wilbur and Orville Wrights' first flight was in 1903 and the first written usage of this phrase occurred in the late 19th century and referred to poker games with 'a sky-high limit' on stakes. On September 11, 1898, The Illustrated Buffalo Express published an article that included this line: "In 1850 he made a trip down the Mississippi on the Eliza, the fastest boat on the river, and saw a poker game with a sky-high limit going on in one end of the boat." The Times (Philadelphia) published on March 5th, 1899 'Thief Caught in Poker Trap' which contained the following: "Make the sky the limit," said the cattleman; "this is going to be quick action for your money, and the money will all be mine in a minnit. Deal the cards."

Use Example - "Lunch is my treat", Steven said. "Order whatever you want, the sky's the limit!"

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